coming back down to earth after giving birth

coming back down to earth after giving birth .. it’s the strangest thing that folks, our world expects you to move and or be the same after lingering between life and death

it’s something like being awake while your body is sinking into different realms, phases and stages of sleep. awhile witnessing , feeling the surges of pressure, stretching , shakes, trembles of transitioning and intensity as your cervix ripens.
similarly to astral projecting. as you release control of your mind and body, letting your aura and consciousness travel. you slowly become detached from everything occurring around you. not knowing exactly where you’re going but roaming , floating through a dark and light familiar space. a sacred portal where our spirit was once united with our mamas, great and grandmothers. doors open and close with elders , ancestors smiling and directing you into a ritual, ceremonial room and space. where a divine be-ing , who choose you by name awaits you. while being blessed , anointed and prepared for earth travels and endeavors.

 as you hear faint whispers from time to time of those few who were chosen and called to hold and protect the sacred space around you.

keeping you anchored down , to remind you where you’ll return. so hold onto the cord keeping you connected to earth and your physical form 

our eyes whiten as our ancestors whisper while we go “this is home”. in joy, in sadness, in anger , in pain you know your way  back to us. the only thing is that drift , the astral projection shall not be interrupted and can now occur at any moment . so arrange your environment to allow that sacred space within to project around you. which is more than often interrupted on earth. we don’t often set up or protect spaces for mamas, women to drift. better yet , tap into their maternal instincts. hinted with some ancestral wisdom.

you see, feel and move differently when your eyes are whiten and you linger in between life and death
my body trembles as i write this..



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