mommy brain is real

that moment when a lil piece of your pre mommy brain returns but you didn’t realize it was even missing lolol..just me ?? studies have shown that during pregnancy our entire brain shrinks, as it’s needed to create a whole tiny human.

with no timeline for its full return. especially if you’ve experienced any mental health ailments..just space , grace, gentle brain strengthening or exercises.

it can be so tricky because during this period, however lengthy it may be. you never know when or where you’ll draw blanks . which could be mid conversation.. at the bank , grocery store etc

throughout the year my natural rhythm, pace is usually slow but during the winter it slooows down more. gifting me the ability to reflect and soak into hibernation.

which allows bits and pieces of my brain to unlock. there’s something about hibernation that makes the cancerian in me feel extra safe.

& when the people surrounding me who feel like home extend their grace through slow , un rushed conversations and presence. which i’m feeling overwhelming grateful for.

i know the world we live in doesn’t give us enough time with our brains but it doesn’t mean we don’t have too, mama

wishing you the ability to tend to your brain in the special ways you need..

xo your favorite maternal healer ummi 🕊

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