you lead, they follow. things they don't tell you about motherhood.


there’s a plethora of unsolicited advice from a loving and or regurgitated place. a few of many things folks skipped out on mentioning
- to me at least.

⁣1. you set the tone. energetically, physically , spiritually and in some capacity mentally. since our environment will and can shape or lay the foundations for our thought processes. children feel everything so not only do they know and can feel the way you perceive them. it shows face through your actions and how you show up for them. don’t trip , love languages are a different conversation.

⁣2.  the sacred invitation and specific selection. they chose Y O U

yes you to not only reflect, revamp and restore those things that’ve been itching at your core but to learn how to

...with them

3. from infancy, toddlerhood , to teenyboppers you , we evolve with them. being equipped with knowledge + your intuition through the different stages, phases and milestones. ain’t never hurt nobody. in fact it’s always proven to grant you certain tools to use . through trails “ error “ or experience


you’ll never be the “ same” as in you weren’t the same on a day to day basis prior to becoming a mom. it’s more evident now of course you’re raising , nurturing , nourishing and holding space for a life force.

yes, life slows down but what were we even racing too?

idk about you but i really like this view i’ve been summoned , called to see and be apart of.

your fav soulful maternal healer 

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