Goddess Mentorship " Awaken the goddess within "

Goddess Mentorship " Awaken the goddess within "

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This goddess mentorship is a personal invitation for me to walk along side you, goddess. Holding sacred space for you and with you. As you return home , unlock and re discover the many sacred layers and levels of yourself.

This Mentorship Includes:

Two Goddess Readings *

Seven (1) hour sessions
weekly or bi weekly options available.

Things we discover , debunk , acknowledge, sit with and pay a visit to

Assessment of your current emotional, mental, spiritual, state

Your inner foundation

Inner Child Wounds

Myths surrounding Femininity.

Masculine & Feminine (Yin and Yang)

Healthy Inter-dependency

Why :

Our patriarchal society has taught, trained and led women astray from their divinity. Which in return has brought us to this space of forgetting to show up for ourselves. Mother Ourselves, intentionally. Which can result in us sometimes showing up in the world co dependently. Seeking all externally, all that we already are internally. Forgetting about the concepts of inter-dependency. Coming home to Divine Feminine Essence says we are all that we have been and are seeking externally.

It is within us

always has

always will be


which brings you back to self sufficiency




Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or comments. I’m more than happy to answer.


Since , this isn’t a product but a sacred energetic exchange. If , for any reason you are disappointed or dissatisfied. I’m more than happy to offer complementary virtual session to further process.