Stillness Femmè Elixir
Stillness Femmè Elixir

Stillness Femmè Elixir

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a gentle grounding floral herbal blend to enhance calm & stillness as our hormones shift. supporting us as we access our femmè balance from within. especially during our menstruation - moon time.


ingredients: LOVE, almond oil, haitian castor oil, MAGIC, rose + much loved rose petals, a dash of shimmer , palmarosa, soothing lavender, petitgrain, clary sage, geranium bourbon, ylang ylang complete, jasmine absolute & PATIENCE

how to use :

apply a dropper full or a few drops , in a warm bath , on clean inner wrist, ankle, neck, decolletage or stomach , in hale and rub with intention throughout the day as needed.